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boat & ship integrated solutions


we offers preliminary design services covering Conceptual studies, Basic Design and Transition Design phases to satisfy requirements of ship building.


Successful production engineering require highly productive design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) application to optimize development costs and faster production time with consistent quality output as per the production standards.
Being a well versed with multiple CAD application widely accepted by industries,We offer complete detail engineering service package for Ship building, boat construction. Our service range covers requirements related to new construction, reparation and conversion work. We are having expertise in handling detail design projects using AVEVA Marine, AVEVA Tribon M3, AVEVA PDMS software as our main design platform and being platform independent service provider, our team have professional experience for handling projects using software such as CATIA, Ship Constructor, Foran, Nupas-Cadmatic, Solidworks, Rhinoceros, Maxsurf and Ansys.


we provide innovative and budget friendly design solutions using practical approach by experienced engineering team regardless of the complexity of the project.use of solar fishing boat can reduce the operational cost of fishermens that can increase income

Cold & Cool Warehouses

packing houses & pre-cooler units

Pack House and Pre-cooler units are designed to handle the processing of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables every day. Processing procedures such as washing, brushing, waxing, chemical treatment, grading, packing, cooling, and storage to meet the requirements of the market.we assist in setting up packing packing houses in your budget

Refrigerated truck & cool cart

Importance in the cold chain terrain – to bring down the enormous wastage of fruits & veg and allied products, poultry, fish, meat, milk & dairy products, etc., due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and/or transport facilities. The wastage statistics and the financial implications thereof are mind-boggling and because of the same, successive govts in office have initiated several steps thro’ policies and plans to alleviate the problems. Yes, today the opportunities and actions are very much in the sunrise sector of cold chain domain, expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the timeline ahead.