we have been providing complete  trade solutions for merchants,restaurants and retailers .we have proven performance in the fields of trading .send us [email protected] for your product .our executive will reach you soon...

Import-export trade solution

we accept international buy & sell orders which is  fully assisting by YBIOS team to execute the order with client product requirement .YBIOS  offers complete  export Import ( Exim ) solutions .We are export-import based company working for the benefits of both exporters & importers  through a strong relationship between our clients.we also offers import-export training to our value clients to enhance their product quality , give continous awareness of market demands .our aim is to promote international business we  act as a helping hand  for ease of doing business.

merchant trade 

we also do domestic trades asper client requirements .we assure you the product quality with series of physical and biological testing procedures,in current scenerio price hike & foodborne diseases being a threat to human consumption.treacebility , source of origin is still a  dream for consumer you can trust YBIOS team  for assurance.we have set of quality management system to monitor the product handling and processing.    

YBIOS products

YBIOS international offers ybios brand featured products which will  be continously list and update in the  product corner.we also provide facilities to place the order with payment service options